Science as our Guide

Research-based Strategies

California dairy farmers continue to work closely with regulators and scientific researchers to better understand air and water quality issues and to develop science-based management strategies for a better environment.

Historic research completed by the University of California and California State University has put our state at the forefront of knowledge on livestock emissions and sustainable dairy management. Working with state and local air quality regulators, the dairy community provided critical funding for this research and for ongoing efforts being conducted at dairies in California as part of national research efforts.

California dairy families have also recently provided funding for important groundwater monitoring research to identify improved groundwater protection strategies. This research will prove critical as recently adopted comprehensive water quality protections continue to be implemented.

UC Davis’ Dr. Frank Mitloehner

UC Davis’ Dr. Frank Mitloehner earned worldwide recognition for his work on cow emissions, using tent-like cow housing dubbed as “bovine bubbles”