Stepping Up Our Efforts in Sustainability

Stepping Up Our Efforts in Sustainability

On the farm, “sustainability” is a daily commitment to caring for animals, the land, and our air and water resources — while never forgetting the importance of putting affordable, nutritious food on the tables of millions of consumers.

California dairy farmers are committed to protecting air and water quality, reducing greenhouse gases, and to animal care. Never has the need for innovative and sustainable farming been more important. Throughout our website, you’ll learn about our programs, and hear from dairy farmers about their individual efforts.

California dairies are subject to and utilize world-class environmental protection practices. You may already know that every new or expanding dairy in California undergoes strict environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Did you also know that California dairies operate under the nation’s strictest dairy air and water quality protection regulations? We’ll explain how these work and the investments dairy families have made to protect the resources we all share.

California dairy families acknowledge their moral and ethical responsibility to provide proper care and treatment of cattle. More and more consumers want assurance, too, that animals raised for food are treated humanely. In 2009, national dairy organizations working with animal scientists and veterinarians developed the National Dairy FARM Program: Farmers Assuring Responsible Management, with standards for animal care and a system for independent verification of good practices.You’ll learn more about our plans to make Dairy FARM a success in California.

California dairy farmers are leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are working with numerous stakeholders to further reduce their impact. The carbon footprint of a glass of milk has dropped nearly two-thirds in the past 65 years! We’ll explain why, and what we’re doing to better understand the issue and make further progress.

One of the great challenges of the next generation will be providing nutritious, affordable food to a global population expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050 — without any new land or water resources and while trying to reduce our energy use. Dairy farmers are optimistic they can play an important role in meeting this challenge and help feed the world's rapidly expanding population..

Our Mission:

Dairy Cares strives to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s farming families through strong environmental stewardship, responsible animal care, and adherence to the core values of honesty, ethics, diligence, and community.

Dairy Cares is:
California Dairies Inc.
Dairy Farmers of America,Western Area Council
Land O’ Lakes Inc.
Hilmar Cheese Company
Joseph Gallo Farms
Kraft Foods
Producers Bar 20 Dairy
Western United Dairymen
Milk Producers Council
California Dairy Campaign
California Farm Bureau Federation
Dairy Institute of California
Ruan Transport Corporation
Yosemite Farm Credit
California Cattlemen's Association, Inc.
GHD Services, Inc.

...and hundreds of families and businesses across California’s dairy communities.