Generations of Commitment

For generations, California dairy families have embraced their responsibility of providing humane and proper care for their animals. They regard it as part of their moral and ethical obligation to promote and sustain the health and well-being of the animals entrusted to their care.

For the more than 1,700 family dairy farmers across the Golden State, this responsibility of animal stewardship is more than just words. They live this commitment to care – daily and diligently – on their family farms.

This commitment by California dairy families means...

  • Animals never want for nourishing food and fresh, clean water;
  • Barns and corrals receive regular cleaning and maintenance;
  • Cows have access to clean, dry and comfortable bedding;
  • Routine visits by veterinarians and animal health providers; and
  • Preventive medical care and regular check-ups by animal caregivers.

Responsible animal care—it’s part of the successful legacy of California’s dairy families and will serve as a guiding principle for future generations of family dairy farmers throughout our state.

calf Jamie Bledsoe and son he Van Warmerdams Ray Prock, Jr., wife Erica and children


Top photo: Jamie Bledsoe and son, Josh care for 650 cows on their family dairy farm in Riverdale.Middle photo: The Van Warmerdams; Peter, Tricia and children Jack, and Ava on their family dairy farm in Galt. Bottom photo: Ray Prock, Jr., wife Erica and children Bryson, and Brielle care for 400 cows on their family dairy farm in Denair.